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Welcome to Porter Guitars!

Porter Guitars Porter guitars is the place to put all the things I love about guitar. I love making guitars, winding pickups, and talking about guitar. I hope to use this site to share lots of different guitar related content, and much more. I previously was focusing on building guitars and using this site to promote that, but times have changed and this site will no longer be focusing on that as it's sole purpose. 

Gear Reviews

We all like to talk about the gear we love, and I will do the same with this site. Look for reviews of some of my favorite brands of gear and more. 

Please feel free to contact me to discuss anything guitar! brian@porterguitars.com

  Porter Pickups: Hand wound Tone

 My main line of work is producing hand wound pickups for customers, builders and stores all over the world.  www.porterpickups.com 




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